Impact Your Health

Keep a healthy weight. 

Limit foods with added sugars and fats that provide a lot of calories but few nutrients.

Eat vegetables, fruits, whole grains and legumes. 

Fill half your plate with fruits and vegetables and make at least half your grains whole grains. If diabetic count your carbohydrates and follow a consistent meal plan.

Meat portions. 

Choose wisely from a variety of low fat/low sodium protein foods, including seafood, poultry, lean meat, legumes, eggs, dairy and nuts.

Limit alcohol.

If consumed at all, limit alcoholic drinks to no more than one drink daily for women and two for men.

Consume less salt (sodium). 

Read food labels to learn exactly how much sodium is in a product. Try to season your food with Herbs & spices!

Healthy Eating

Reduce your Cancer Risk
Keep your HEART Healthy
Improve your Blood Pressure
Control your Diabetes
Improve Oral Health

Focus on:

Color & Variety
Nutrient Density
Portion Control

Balancing Food & Physical Activity

Maintaining a healthy weight is not easy! In a world full of quick fixes and fad diets, the emphasis is not about healthy eating. To keep a healthy weight, it is important to eat healthy and be active.

Eat a variety of foods

Choose a variety of foods every day; it is important to eat whole grains, fruits and vegetables, lean meats and low-fat dairy. All foods, including your favorites, fit in a healthy diet! Eat treats in moderation, keeping your serving size small.

Exercise Regularly

One of the most important steps in maintaining your weight is to balance what you eat and drink with physical activity. Older adults should incorporate aerobic activity, muscle-strengthening activity and balance training for those at risk for falls. Always talk to your doctor before starting a physical activity program.

Drink Plenty of Water

Drinking water keeps you hydrated without adding calories. Drink when you are thirsty, but try to drink more in hot weather or when exercising.

Eat Regular Meals

Eating breakfast helps you feel full throughout the day. Eating three smaller meals and a couple of healthy snacks may help you stay fueled throughout the day.