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If your meal times are often squeezed in between tasks or eaten in front of the TV, you could be missing out on the full enjoyment of your food and end up eating more as a result. By learning to eat mindfully you can begin to really savor and appreciate the joy of eating, and also learn to eat less and make healthier choices in the process, helping you to be a healthier you!

Before you put your food into your mouth and while you’re eating think about…

  • How does the food look? Shape / Color / Shade
  • How does it taste? Sweet, sour, bitter, salty, tangy?
  • How does it smell? What sort of aromas can you pick up?
  • How does it sound? This might feel a little strange at first but will help you to really appreciate the entire eating experience.
  • How does it feel? In your hand / through your knife and fork / In your mouth – is it hard, soft, rough, smooth, crunchy, melting?
  • How does it feel in your body? Physical sensations / Emotions / Hunger / Satisfaction

Mindful eating means being fully aware of what you’re eating and how you’re eating it. It’s a simple idea which should help you to think more carefully about what you choose to eat and how to notice the thoughts, sensations and feelings that take place while you’re eating. Fast food, eating on the go and the many distractions of modern life have led to lots of us becoming out of touch with our hunger and ‘mindlessly’ eating foods that leave us feeling unsatisfied. We will often eat more than we really need which in turn leads many people to gain weight. Mindful eating is an opportunity for you to recognize and change these behaviors by learning to regain control over how you feel and eat, and to enjoy and feel satisfied with the food you choose.