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  • Buy frozen vegetables so you can take from the package only what you need.
  • Divide packages of meat into single/smaller serving sizes. (Or just buy one serving at the meat counter)
  • Use non-fat DRY milk for cooking and baking.
  • Buy fresh fruit at different stages of ripeness – one yellow banana and one green banana!
  • The fruit cups, pudding cups and other individually wrapped items may seem more expensive, but they reduce waste, so they may actually SAVE money.
  • Purchase a premade salad at the deli counter in an amount you are sure to use.


  • Slice up a ripe banana in to coins and freeze for a quick frozen snack or as an addition to a smoothie.
  • Muffin tins work well for freezing single servings of soup, chili, and marinara sauce. Freeze the leftovers in the muffin tins; after the muffin pucks are frozen, put them in to a plastic bag for storage. Thaw out one or two pucks as needed.


  • Make a roast in the crock pot for supper one day, slice it up for sandwiches the next!


  • Store fresh fruit and vegetables in plain sight, in a bowl on the counter (or front and center in the fridge). You are much more likely to pick up an apple if it catches your eye! A bag of apples may look wonderful, but unless you are planning a pie, just get a couple.