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Staying at home has become a way of life for many of us amid the COVID-19 pandemic, leading us to indulge in endless snacks from the pantry. We are here to help you not fall victim to the so-called “Quarantine 15” and ensure your pants still fit once we are out of the woods.

Check out these easy and healthy snack ideas for you and your family:

  • Create your own trail mix by combining nuts, seeds, dried fruit, and even dark chocolate.
  • Tip: Portion into ¼ cup serving sizes.
  • Blend a smoothie using frozen fruit with Greek yogurt and milk of choice.
  • Tip: Add some spinach or kale in for a sneaky serving of vegetables.
  • Make a dip for your veggies using cottage cheese or Greek yogurt with dried spices and herbs.
  • Tip: Try onion and garlic powder, dried dill, parsley and/or chives, with salt and pepper.
  • Create deli meat “roll ups.” Spread meat with cream cheese (or string cheese).
  • Tip: Add bell pepper, cucumber, or pickles for a nice crunch.
  • Blend garbanzo beans with lemon, olive oil, and garlic for easy homemade hummus.
    • Tip: Serve with crackers, veggies, or wheat pita.
  • Slice up some banana, apple, or celery and eat with natural nut butter.
    • Tip: Top with raisins or dried cranberries for a chewy texture.
  • Hard-boiled eggs make a quick protein-packed addition to any snack.
    • Tip: Make a large batch in advance. Hard-boiled eggs with their shells still on can be refrigerated for up to 1 week.

By Good Food Is Good Medicine APRIL 24, 2020